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Cosmopolitan and outgoing, La Minga is a true feminine graceful and daring character. Our ready-to-wear brand offers a wide range of choice and appeals to self-confident women.
Discover soon our winter collection of dresses and reversible wax jackets, give your daily life a timeless “posh” and an appearance that will give you self-confidence.
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Robe Luce
Alyssa reversible skirt
Carmen Dress
Tina Dress

The wax object of customs, faiths and traditions.

The wax is popular since the 19th century, thanks to the English and Dutch colonists who were inspired by Javanese batiks printing methods to produce cotton clothes by means of wax.
Why is it so popular? Because the Ghanaian soldiers who fought for the Dutch colonial strength were also conquered by these new printed matters of excellent quality. Once their mission finished, they brought the wax to Africa, where it knows very fast a big success on the continent.
CARAN chose of this matter not only with regard to its story, but also because it has the quality to be as brilliant on the front as on the back. The wax does not run and its colors have an exceptional holding.

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