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Frequently Asked Questions

How to order online ?

You must be 18 years old or more and supply an address of delivery and invoicing. Articles are protected in your basket during 7 days but do not wait because articles are not reserved.
When you ended your purchases, click "Basket" to place your order. The price and the availability post. You can also modify your command at any time. Once satisfies of your command, you can finalize it.
FOr more information click on payment section
Once your order was spent, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation. Another e-mail will be sent to you to indicate you that your order was sent, with a link of follow-up to follow your command.

An article added to my basket was more available during the finalization of the command. How is it possible?

The article is reserved once your order is finalized. If an article has a lot of success, he can be available as you place it in your basket but exhausted at the time of finalizing your command. An article added to your basket is protected during 7 days but its availability cannot be guaranteed.

Wich credit cards are accepted ?

CARAN accept the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
The payment of your command order on CARAN is made on-line by bank card (Visa card, MasterCard and American Express). The payment is made during the validation of order, once your confirmed basket.

Is the payment securize ?

Your purchases are completely secured, we make a commitment on the safety of payment of your banking transactions. CARAN adopted the solution of payment 100 % secured by the Mutual Credit CYBERMUT, which allows to protect all the information which you communicate us and guarantees you the confidentiality and the safety of every transaction.

When the ammount is sold of my credit card ?

A reservation of the amount is made on your credit card during the finalization of the command. Your card will be sold at the time of expedition of your parcel.

What is the prerocorded credit card payment ?

Store your credit card in safety and order calmly
To save time during your next purchases, you can register your address and phone number of credit card on our secure server, not to have to enter them every time you finalize a command.
During your payment, CARAN allows you to register your account ID in complete safety: these are calculated on your computer then passed on under shape unintelligible aimed at servers only capable of deciphering them. Authorizations and data are then verified with your bank to avoid the abuses and the frauds.
In a few words :
  • CARAN guarantee the sefety of your banking numbers.
  • CARAN can not see your banking data.
  • A personal code is asked you before every payment to confirm the authenticity of your request.

Which are the delivery deadlines ?

Your command should be delivered in 7 in 14 working days after confirmation of expedition of inventory items.
Because of unforeseen events, it can happens that the delivery sets more time. If the delivery deadline exceeds 30 days, you can cancel your command.

How can I follow my order ?

From the packing of your command, we send you an e-mail containing the information relative to the delivery as well as a link to follow your on-line command
You can also follow your command by connecting you on " My customer space ", section " My orders ".

By phone

+33(0)7 54 52 81 65 (free phone call)

By mail


+33(0)7 54 52 81 65