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Who is CARAN ?
More that a brand of ready-to-wear ...
From duality to the expression of timeless chic, CARAN makes you a woman who exudes a certain assurance.
The choice of noble materials, wool comfort, warmth printed from Africa and reversible cuts : it is a multifaceted woman who handles his job gracefully his passion and love.
Between African heritage and modern cuts each figure represents a unique piece limited edition for a superwoman active, dynamic and pragmatic.

Sometimes sober, sometimes exuberant and always with finesse, Minga stands out from the mass with small details that delicately highlight its well-drawn figure. Minga is inspired by women like Joanne (Mad Men), Olivia Pope (Scandal) or Kate Middleton.
The woman wants CARAN classic, elegant and refined
the point of James Bond blush.

As brand origin, a duo. Carmen ABEGUE designer of the first collection The Minga is both dreamy and structuring of love cuts fine fabrics uncommon. Creativity around this print has long carried his mom, mixes well in a pinch Johan LEQUIEN founder CARAN son and grandson's textile workers of the Nord Pas-de-Calais which made its mark on the studio of Debuisson and manufacturing of Sergeant. Generous, contractor's soul, Johan shares his passion for work well done with his entourage. Culture sports offers the brand a dynamic key and some essential values ??such as courage, sincerity, friendship and sharing.
Together, they give life to a brand that draws its originality the merger of two cultures in search of extra in the ordinary. It's wanting to create a bridge between Western culture and black Africa, this duo's friends met in Paris built a new narrative around the printed wax in a dressing room dedicated to women, Women.

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